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Curriculum Vitae



  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    PhD in Philosophy 

    Committee: Noël Saenz (chair), Dan Korman, Christopher Weaver, Jonathan Livengood, Paul G. Kwiat (physics department), Philip Phillips (physics department).
    Thesis title: 'Essays on Properties, Relations, and (Quantum) Objects'

  • University of Oxford, UK
    BPhil in Philosophy 
    Thesis Advisor: Antony Eagle
    Thesis title: 'Restricted Material Composition'


  • Yonsei University, South Korea
    BA in Philosophy

Areas of Interest

  • AOS Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics

  • AOC Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mathematics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion

Image by Uriel SC

Publications & Presentations


  • 'Bundle Theory and Weak Discernibility' in Analytic Philosophy (Forthcoming)

  • 'Is the Principle of Recombination Humean?' in
    Journal of Philosophical Ideas (Korean Citation Index) (2022)  

     Recent Presentations (selected)

  • 2022 Easter APA 
    'Non-reflexive Trope Theory'

  • 2021 APA Pacific
    'Bundle Theory and Weak Discernibility'

  • 2020 APA Central
    'The Rates of Time's Passage and Special Relativity'

  • 2020 APA Central, Society of Asian and Comparative Philosophy
    'The Problem of Evil in 
    Mahāyāna Buddhism'
    (with Jinsub Song)

  • 2019 Illinois Philosophical Association
    'Bundle Theory and Weak Discernibility'

  • 2019 APA Central
    'The Bundle Theory, the Identity of Indiscernibles,
    and Symmetric Difference Makers'

Awards and Fellowships

  • Dissertation Completion Fellowship (2020-2021)

  • C.E. Canton Award
    Department of Philosophy, UIUC

  • The Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award (2018–2019)
    Department of Philosophy, UIUC

  • University Fellowship (2019)

  • Departmental Fellowship (2014)
    Department of Philosophy, UIUC

  • KT&G Fellowship (2010–2012)
    KT&G Scholarship Foundation, $60,000

  • Future Korea Humanities Scholarship (2009)
    Korea Research Foundation

  • Highest Honor Award (2008)
    Yonsei University, South Korea

Image by Tobias Keller
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